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*International Business Center*

The building is in a prestigious corporate neighborhood.

It has recently completed redecorating of common areas & Elivators.

It is located 5 minutes from GW Bridge/I-80.

There is a full time superintendent and new tenant breakroom.

It is made of concrete, glass and stone construction on landscaped property.

New comfortable and nice office spaces are ready for professionals like lawyers, CPAs...etc.

Property Type:Office

Status:Existing Year Built:1983

Typical Floor: 33,000 SF

Building Size:66,027 SF
Smallest Space:983 SF Largest Space:3,829 SF

Total Space Avail:22,423 SF


Parking:Free Surface spaces are available; Free Covered spaces are available; Ratio of 4/1,000 SF

I.B.C.(International Business Center)
ibcbiz.com  info@ibcbiz.com
Office Space for Professionals & Medicals

440 Sylvan Ave. #250
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
T)201-541-8300, F)201-541-8313

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